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15009 Gray Rd  Noblesville,IN 46062 
Broccoli Bill's
15009 Gray Rd
NoblesvilleIN 46062
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Broccoli Bill'sFresh Produce & Specialty Grocery
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Fresh Fruits & VegetablesThis is where we started our business. 20 years of buying, merchandising, and selling produce at O'Malia's Food Market have made this part of the business a priority. We source our products locally when possible, and from a few other wholesalers, namely Indianapolis Fruit and Paul's Fruit Market in Louisville, Kentucky.
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Freshly Made BreadWe carry Gonella Breads out of Chicago. They are a great company, and while they are more concerned with restaurant supply, we carry their breads for retail. Many of our bread customers are either from the Chicagoland area or North West Indiana and are very familiar with the Gonella name. While they are in Chicago, they still deliver fresh to us 5 days a week.
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Gourmet GroceriesOver the years we have tried to search out the best Gourmet items available. We attend the annual Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, and are always on the lookout for new items. One connotation that is associated with Gourmet foods is a "higher price". We understand this, but price our selections at an affordable price. Also, we carry a Broccoli Bill's brand of Gourmet foods, which is made for us by Gourmet Gardens out of Texas.
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High-Quality MeatsBoars Head Deli Meats are without question the healthiest and highest quality meats available. This is the only brand we carry and like to consider Broccoli Bill's the reason that Boars Head is even in the area. Like many of us, Broccoli Bill has spent a lot of time in Florida over the years, and while shopping in Publix he noticed the Boars Head brand and took a liking to it. Having contacted the nearest distributor in Columbus, Ohio and being told repeadedly that it was impossible to get in the Indianapolis area, Broccoli bill developed a relationship with Tom of Boars Head. Soon after much prodding, Tom told Broccoli Bill that if he could get him two other customers, then he would make the trip. Broccoli contacted his cousins at O'Malia's and old friend Sid Mauer at Atlas and they agreed to purchase product. As a result, we now have the Boars head brand in our area.
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Prepared MealsIn our deli area we have many prepared salads and meals available. About 90% of the salads and all of the meals, including Lasagna, Meat Balls, Pulled Pork, and Meatloaf are all prepared in house. This assures quality and price are in line. In the future we will increase our offerings and hope to allow you to come in and have a great dinner on the table in just a couple of minutes.
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Noblesville's Premier Fresh Produce Market & Organic Grocery Store

The choicest, freshest produce sourced locally with all the flavor and health benefits you need is found right around the corner at Broccoli Bills. We are your premier produce market in Noblesville, IN, which is your one-stop shop when you're seeking homegrown produce and more. From tomatoes and corn to Boar's Head deli meats and Gonella Breads to fully-prepped meals of lasagna, meatballs, pulled pork, and meatloaf; we'll cook if you do the dishes.

You can rest assured that the produce items you purchase at Broccoli Bills are the freshest you'll find in the area. We strive to carry as many organic products as possible at prices you can afford. Some of the local growers we buy from are Diener Farm, Watermans Farm Market, Lightfoot Farms, and Obermeyer Farms. 


  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Breads
  • Gourmet foods
  • Meats
  • Prepared meals

When you'd like to indulge in a quick lunch prepared from fresh, local foods, we have a cozy restaurant with numerous lunch items just perfect for that light midday meal. You can choose from a variety of sandwiches, including chicken salad, tuna salad, roast beef and swiss, ham and cheese, and a selection of healthy, delicious wraps, not to mention our soups, salads, and combination meals. If you'd like to throw a party to feed the whole crew, we offer convenient catering options that feature our same local delicacies which can be picked up or delivered to your home or office.

When you absolutely have to know you're buying top-of-the-line fresh produce, meats, and other local products, make your one only stop at Broccoli Bills. Call (317) 580-1517 today for our current inventory of items.

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